Sunday, 3 January 2010

a little fud, mainly drink ;-)

A very simple little post, to mark one of the best new year's eves I've had, spent at a lovely big bonfire at the land squat at Kew Bridge, music, dancing, smiling, a full moon and a little falling snow mixing with the sparks from the fire in the air around us. No pictures, other than the ones in my head; suits me.

Fud: a recent discovered pleasure is lightly toasted cake - in this case shop-bought Mrs Crimble's apple cake, heated in pans at the edge of the fire, it gets a lovely crisped edge, lovely & warming hot.

Drink: Zubrowka ('bisongrass') polish vodka with hot apple juice - lovely, I just wish I'd brought more than just the remaining third of the bottle I'd had left. I'd been introduced to it with cold apple juice in summer by a polish friend a while back, but had heard it worked hot too - and by 'eck it does. We did dither a bit whether to pre-mix in the flask or keep it separate, but at least the separation meant non-drinkers could share a little too. Zubrowka has a bit of an apply taste neat anyway, but I suspect any vodka would work well with this. In fact any spirit could be worth a try... ;-)

Anyway - I don't do resolutions, but it would be great to get this blog going again. I hope to document experiments on the tiny range I now have on the boat, but also welcome contributions from others - do prod if you'd like posting access...

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